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Removing Employment Barriers

We Believe in Second Chances

Each year, hundreds of thousands of individuals in our country are released from Federal and State prisons. Currently, nearly 80 million people in the U.S. have an arrest or conviction record. A criminal record can be a barrier to getting a job, a place to live, and other life necessities. The result is that one year after release, 75% of formerly incarcerated people are still unemployed (White House Data).

Millions of Texans have an arrest or conviction record that can prevent them from landing a job that pays a livable wage and gives them a pathway for career growth. During the past 5 years, we helped more than 3,300 second chance individuals get a good-paying job, receive training to improve or gain new skills, or earn a degree or a GED. We can help you, too! 

Read more about our Second Chance Initiatives and how these services are helping individuals before and after their release. 

Second Chance Employers

We have great employer partners who also believe in second chances. They understand that this untapped, skilled population can help address talent shortages they may be facing.

We believe that second chance programs are key. There should always be a second chance in life, and employment is no different.
Career Comeback - Second Chances

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