The iWork Youth Career Expo is a great chance to learn about careers and talk to actual employers about smart next steps after graduation. The Expo is also BIG, so planning ahead will help you make the most of it. Here’s some advice for students.

TEACHERS: Click here for the 2018 teacher packet and a full summary of teacher resources.) [Link to teacher packet]

Read up beforehand.

Visit our exhibitor page to get a sense of what employers and industries will be present. Don’t just scan the list for familiar names! Do some research on the smaller employers and unexpected exhibitors. They might have the most useful insights or be able to spend more time talking with you. [Link to exhibitor page. Need to create]

Go on a fact-finding mission.

Select at least five employers from the exhibitor list to visit and brainstorm questions for them. (What skills are necessary for this career? What type of education/training do you need? What is the salary range for someone working in this field? What do you like most about your job, and what are the biggest challenges? 

Everyone is friendly.

Talk to the people at the exhibitor booths. Ask for their business cards. Chat with them. (They are here because they want to be.) Follow up afterward and inquire about an informational interview. You never know where something might lead several years down the road.

Thank exhibitors for coming.

Ordinary people volunteer a lot of time to make the Expo successful. Companies donate a lot of money, too. Please thank the people in the booths for participating. (We want them to come back next year!)

Follow your own drummer.

Your friends may have their own ideas for the Expo, and that’s fine. Just remember to make the most of this opportunity for yourself. You’ll have the chance to:

  • Visit at least 2 booths in each Industry Zone where employers provide hands-on demonstrations and talk with you about their educational paths and the skills needed to be successful in their fields. [Link to Zone Map]
  • Meet with representatives from training schools, apprenticeships, colleges and universities and all branches of the military.
  • Participate in “hands-on” learning activities (i.e. working with robots, trying out equipment from hospitals and other employers, etc.).
  • Participate in an iCoach (mock interview). This is your chance to practice your interview skills without the pressure and receive tips from human resource professionals.
  • Attend an iChat session. Various industry professionals will be on-site to deliver "TEDTalks" to gain insight about your career exploration. [Link to iChat Session schedule]

Check out photos from 2017 iWork Expo.

Browse a photo gallery on our Facebook page of the 2017 iWork Youth Career Expo. [Link the Facebook photo album]