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Training and Apprenticeships

Workforce-Dev-Month-Week-Three.jpgThe third week of Workforce Development Month highlights the skills development, customized training and apprenticeship opportunities available to career seekers and employers through Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas.

Did you know that you can make 25% - 75% more money if you have an industry-recognized certification compared to a person who holds the same job without one? Our community college and training partners have a variety of certification program options for in-demand occupations. Apprenticeships are also a great way to prepare for a career or make a career change. There are more than 50 different apprenticeship programs in North Central Texas where you can earn while you learn. Start your career comeback by sending an email to to tell us which career path you’d like to take.
Grant Funding for Employers
Employers, are you taking advantage of the millions of dollars in grant funding available each year for skills development, training and apprenticeships? Registered Apprenticeship Programs give you the ability to train workers to your exact specifications and have a return on investment of $1.47 for every dollar invested. Employees tend to be more loyal to employers that invest in their growth and career goals as well; those who complete Registered Apprenticeship programs have retention rates above 90%. Find out more by downloading our Registered Apprenticeship Program Overview, which includes case studies from North Central Texas employers.

Need more proof that apprenticeships work? Hear from Bombardier and recent apprentices about the success of their Registered Apprenticeship Program.

Bombardier Apprenticeship

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