We appreciate your interest in requesting Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas' Mobile Workforce Unit (MWU). Please fill out this form and a member of our staff will contact you soon.

When is your event?

Please check the event calendar before choosing dates and submitting the form to make sure your chosen dates are available:

Job Postings

The Mobile Workforce Unit must be parked on a level surface with adequate room around the vehicle. This equates to approximately seven (7) parking spots. Parking area should provide safe entry and exit from the passenger-side of the vehicle, with a minimum of 8-feet from the a curb or other obstacle for use of the chairlift.

Staffing Plan

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will provide staff for your event including the individual who will drive the MWU to its intended location and assist in job search, skill assessment, and work registration activities. If your organization plans to use the MWU for one of these activities, you DO NOT need to complete this section. If however, your plan to use the unit for a different purpose (i.e. training), you may be responsible for providing staff members for this event.

Please indicate the lead staff person who will be responsible: 

Public Facilities Plan

The Mobile Workforce Unit does not have a restroom onboard the unit. Therefore, the unit must be parked near a location with public facilities. If public restrooms are not available, the scheduling organization will be responsible for supplying portable facilities and will assume all costs associated with providing them.


Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will make every effort to notify you at least a week in advance in the event the MWU visit has to be cancelled due to mechanical or other reasons that we could not anticipate.

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