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Increased Funding for Career Seekers

Worforce Solutions for North Central Texas Increases Funding Support for Career Seekers to Help Offset Inflation Costs

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT) today announced it has increased Supportive Services funding by up to 60% to help alleviate inflationary burdens that create barriers for career seekers who are trying to find or keep a job.

Effective immediately, career seekers who participate in WSNCT programs and meet eligibility requirements can receive up to $4,000 per year in Supportive Services, a 60% increase from the previous amount of $2,500. Supportive Service allowances can be used for education or training-related expenses, clothing needed for interviews or uniforms for employment, housing, rent, utilities and other assistance. Gas and transportation allowances increased by 50%, and a newly implemented sliding scale will automatically raise the assistance level career seekers receive when gas prices increase.

“We are in the business of connecting our amazing pool of North Central Texas talent with employers who have in-demand occupations available in our region,” said Phedra Redifer, WSNCT Executive Director. “Record inflation puts additional hardship on those who are already feeling financial pressure. We are laser-focused on removing barriers that prevent people from entering, returning or remaining in the workforce.”

In addition to Supportive Services, WSNCT also provides scholarships to eligible parents and guardians who need child care in order to become or stay employed. WSNCT maintains a network of quality Early Learning Programs across its 14-county region to help meet the needs of families in North Central Texas. WSNCT currently serves more than 6,000 children per day through child care scholarships.

For more information about Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas and how its programs can benefit career seekers, please visit

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