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New Denton Workforce Center

October 13, 2021

New Denton Workforce Center Paving the Way for Workforce Growth

Nearly one year ago, we broke ground for a new Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT) workforce center in Denton. Today, just north of downtown Denton, stands a testament to the continuing growth of the community’s workforce.

WSNCT opened the doors to a newly built Denton workforce facility in Stonehill Center in July of 2021. While relocation can be difficult, it was a small price to pay for the benefits a new facility and location brings.

“We needed a new workforce center because of space limitations,” said Perry Singer, Center Manager for the Denton Workforce Center. “Due to our growing number of employees and the expanded services we provide our customers, it was becoming difficult to do the work we needed to in the space provided.”

Limited parking, facility repairs and tight spaces were just some of the many concerns that led to the building of a new facility. The new 26,700 square foot Denton Workforce Center houses services for Adults, Youth and Young Adults, Employers, Veterans, Child Care and assistance for people with disabilities through our partnership with Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Services.

Singer added that his staff is trained to ensure the customer feels at ease when they come to WSNCT. “When we meet our customers, they are trying to overcome many challenges; we want to give them the best environment possible while they look for work and participate in our programs,” Singer said.

While the pandemic prevented the Denton Workforce Center from providing in-person services during the past 18 months, the future looks bright. In-person hiring fairs are returning to the center and, thanks to an expanded parking area, can now accommodate more job seekers and employers than ever before.

Denton now has a workforce center reflective of the quality service WSNCT has been providing for years. Singer stated that the way Denton is growing, the new facility will become a centralized part of the city, allowing WSNCT to provide services for generations to come, right from the heart of Denton.

“The community and our partners are very excited about our new facility,” Singer said. “It was something we needed, and it is a great place for the community to gather.”

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