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Weatherford Workforce Center Grand Opening

Finding the right career path can be a difficult, especially when you’re still in school. Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT), in collaboration with Weatherford College, is bridging the gap between college and a career.

Now open on the college campus stands the newly built Emerging Technologies and Workforce Building. It’s a three-story facility that houses our new WSNCT Workforce Center as well as the college’s workforce programs, including as cybersecurity, health professions, cosmetology, HVAC and robotics. A first in WSNCT’s history, the co-located center creates a pathway between education and the workforce.

“We are incredibly honored and proud to partner with Weatherford College to give students a seamless experience between education and the world of work, one that better positions them for success once they leave this campus,” said Phedra Redifer, WSNCT Executive Director. “Students will be able to elevate their education, learn and train on emerging technology, apply for tuition support, get personalized career advice and a customized career roadmap, upskill to make a career shift, meet with employers during our hiring events, pursue apprenticeship opportunities and so much more.”

A grand opening ceremony was held on March 30, 2022. Many local and state dignitaries were able to tour the new facility, including Texas Workforce Commissioner Representing Employers, Aaron Demerson, who noted that the state has been setting a national example when it comes to workforce.

“In Texas, we like to be first about a number of things and we are well on our way to doing that; but it doesn’t work without the work that is taking place at the local level,” said Commissioner Demerson. Demerson also touched on the importance of creating an educated workforce and the unique partnership between WSNCT and Weatherford College.

Plans for the co-location began in 2015, when both organizations had a vision to create a place where students, the community and residents throughout Parker County could learn and succeed, both personally and professionally.

“The Emerging Technologies and Workforce Building is an accelerator of opportunity and an engine of economic development,” said Dr. Tod Allen Farmer, Weatherford College President, at the grand opening ceremony. “This is a victory for our business community, our economy and, most importantly, for our students.”

Also located in the new building is the Workforce Education division of Weatherford College, which offers students quality education and career training as well as industry recognized certifications. There are more than a dozen programs to choose from, and several of them can be funded through WSNCT.

“Whatever the need or whatever the goal of those who come here, the combined strength of our Weatherford Workforce Center and the Emerging Technologies and Workforce Building has created a place where lives, families and communities will be impacted now and for generations to come,” Redifer said.

Redifer also noted that although WSNCT and Weatherford College have worked together for several years, the new location is laying a foundation for the future of workforce. “Together, Weatherford College and WSNCT have created a place of purpose, potential and unlimited possibilities.”

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