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Women's History Month Profile Tracey Cline

Who inspires you most?

I am inspired by many different people for many different reasons, but one of the most influential people that I hold near and dear to my heart is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa treated everyone with compassion and supported them regardless of their religious beliefs or social status. Her efforts helped millions of people who were suffering from disease, poverty, homelessness, and starvation. One of my favorite quotes: "If you can’t feed 100, start with ONE!"

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My children are by far my proudest accomplishment! My son, Jonathon, was an Army Officer and now a Registered Nurse, and has given me two beautiful grandsons. My daughter, Jenney, is a Project Manager, fluent in sign-language, and loves to volunteer at various charities, especially with children and the homeless. Both of my children are happy, healthy, and have a servant’s heart. They love to give back to those in need. So proud of both!

How do you stay motivated?

As long as there are people that are hungry, homeless, experiencing domestic violence, abuse or neglect, I will always be motivated to help. Collaborating with others and solving problems keeps me energized and ready for the next challenge.

What book are you currently reading?

Faith Still Moves Mountains by Harris Faulkner.

What was the best career advice you received?

Networking is more than just meeting people; it's about building respectful relationships, creating connections, and helping others.

What words of business wisdom do you want to pass on to others?

Never burn bridges. Always treat everyone (from the Janitor to the CEO) with kindness and respect.

How did your previous experiences prepare you for your current role?

Personal tragedies at a young age (loss of a sibling, and six months later the loss of everything in a house fire) shaped my heart and taught me that with courage, faith, and prayer, one can overcome even the most devastating of challenges. The pain from my tragedies became my passion. By helping others live their best life fills my heart with joy.

Professionally, I’ve had various jobs, mainly in Public Service, that have shaped my career. From the FDIC to Perot Systems, Brinker International, the City of Allen, and finally the Credit Union of Texas Charitable Foundation, the common thread is helping others. In helping others, I have been blessed to cultivate many treasured relationships and friendships, being a conduit to connect people to the appropriate resources in the communities. For example, in my most recent role as the Business Retention & Expansion Manager for the City of Allen-Economic Development Corporation, I worked to retain existing businesses and assisted new businesses relocating to Allen from all over the country. I had the opportunity to emphasize how important Corporate Social Responsibility was to business leaders. In turn, I was able to introduce them to local charities which brought awareness of those in need to the business community.

These experiences helped prepare me for my current role as the Executive Director of the Credit Union of Texas Charitable Foundation, which provides support and hope to local charities that assist those experiencing homelessness, food insecurity, women and children in crisis, and our special needs communities.

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