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WSNCT Awarded $125,000 at Texas Workforce Commission Conference

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT) has been awarded two prizes totaling $125,000 by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The awards were given during the 25th Annual TWC Conference held this month in Dallas.

WSNCT received an award of $75,000 in a 2nd Place win for Service to Employers, and a 3rd Place award in the amount of $50,000 for Registered Apprenticeship Expansion. The award funding will be used to expand WSNCT’s capacity to help employers identify, hire, train and retain a productive and highly skilled workforce.

“We build deep relationships with our employer customers, which helps us anticipate and respond quickly to the market challenges and opportunities they face,” explained Phedra Redifer, Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas Executive Director. “Our services, programs and training models, such as Registered Apprenticeships, are some of the tools we use to generate immediate and long-term results for employers.

“Collaboration is key to success,” Redifer continued, “It’s only fitting that during the conference we recognize an employer who partners with workforce, economic development and community organizations to drive economic prosperity for families and businesses in North Central Texas.”

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas selected Credit Union of Texas (CUTX) to receive the Local Employer of Excellence Award, which is bestowed on employers who are actively involved with the workforce system and positively impact workers, community and the state.

"The Lone Star State is big, and Texas employers like Credit Union of Texas keep building it with career opportunities that keep Texas and Texans in the fast lane for growth," said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Aaron Demerson. "With many excellent employers making Texas home, this Employer of Excellence Award speaks to CUTX’s monumental contributions to Texas and their local community.”

In 2021 alone, CUTX contributed nearly $3.5 million in support of community engagement efforts and more than 800 volunteer hours were spent supporting non-profit partners. CUTX collaborated with 36 local independent school districts, including Allen High School. CUTX opened a SMART Branch on campus, offering 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to work alongside a full-time CUTX employee and receive training in banking, marketing and customer service. The company meets regularly with WSNCT to identify new partnership opportunities and explore additional ways to meet their workforce needs.

For more information about Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas and how its programs can benefit employers and career seekers, please visit

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