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WSNCT Launches Second Chance Initiatives

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas Launches Initiatives Aimed at Removing Barriers to Second Chance Employment

Targeted Partnerships, Specialized Training and Certifications for In-Demand Skills Create Pathways to Employment for Individuals Touched by the Justice System

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT) today announced a series of partnerships and pathways that remove barriers to employment for individuals who have been touched by the justice system.

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, more than one million people are processed in local jails each year. As of July 2022, a combined total of approximately 403,387 individuals in Texas were on probation, parole or in prison. Data indicates that 75% of formerly incarcerated people remain unemployed one year after their release.

“Millions of Texans have an arrest or conviction record that can prevent them from obtaining an in-demand job that provides a livable wage and a pathway for career growth,” said Phedra Redifer, Executive Director of Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas. “We know that joblessness is a top predictor of recidivism; we are creating job training opportunities – both pre-release and post-release – that will provide a clear path to sustainable employment and economic mobility.”

The month of April is Second Chance Month, and WSNCT launched new Second Chance Initiatives to help this population make a career comeback from previous setbacks. Initiatives include a partnership with Bridgeport Correctional Facility and Weatherford College to administer a Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) training program inside the facility for those being released within 6 months. Successful graduates of the program will receive a CLT Certification and be connected with Second Chance Employers who are hiring for those occupations. A referral program with the Greenville District Parole Office has also been established to connect new parolees with WSNCT’s Greenville Workforce Center immediately upon release. These individuals will receive customized career services and resources to aid their successful reentry into their communities.

Employers can ease concerns about hiring second chance individuals by participating in the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Fidelity Bonding Program. TWC and WSNCT work together to offer free fidelity bonding services for job applicants who cannot be bonded through other sources. For more information about WSNCT’s Second Chance initiatives, training programs and other services for career seekers and employers, please visit

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