Important Child Care Update

Effective immediately, WSNCT has paused accepting new child care applications through June 30, 2024 due to transitioning to a new child care case management system called the Texas Child Care Connection. Click here for more information.
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TX3C Child Care Update

On July 1, 2024, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will launch a new case management system for the Child Care Services program—Texas Child Care Connection (TX3C). Below is more information about upcoming changes to policies and procedures resulting from the TX3C launch.

For assistance or questions, contact Child Care Services at 1-800-234-9306.

Transition Period

Potential Delays in Services beginning June 2024:
  • The Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas (WSNCT) online waitlist application for services will no longer be available as of May 31, 2024.
  • Parent reports of eligibility changes will not be accepted online after May 31,2024.
  • Parent requests for a new provider will not be accepted online after May 31, 2024.
  • Parents: If your eligibility is due to be recertified between June 23, 2024 and July 13, 2024 WSNCT will extend your recertification date. You should have received notification of these dates by email/mail recently

New Statewide Application for Parents

TX3C will include an online statewide application for parents who are applying to the Child Care Services (CCS) program. The application is web-based and mobile device–friendly. Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will continue to determine eligibility for CCS families, manage a waiting list, authorize services, and pay child care providers.

Parent Share of Cost

TWC has approved a new calculation methodology for Parent Share of Cost (PSoC). The new methodology will be available at the time TX3C is launched.

Parent’s current PSoC will remain the same unless their income decreases or their family size changes. WSNCT will use the new methodology beginning with their next eligibility period. If they have experienced a change in income or family size or have an extenuating financial situation, they may request a review of their PSoC before their recertification.

What Is Changing?
  • The new sliding fee scale for PSoC will be statewide.
  • If families relocate to another area of the state and transfer care, their PSoC will remain the same until they recertify eligibility.
  • The new scale will have more gradual increases for families with rising incomes between certification periods.

Improvements to Provider Payments

NEW: Advance Payments
Beginning in July 2024, Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will pay licensed centers, licensed homes, and registered homes for authorized child care before care is provided (similar to private-paying families that pay tuition beforehand). The following are details on these prospective payments:
  • Payments will cover two-week periods, Monday–Sunday; child care providers will be paid for the days that a child has been authorized to attend the program.
  • If providers receive an overpayment for a child whose authorization changes or ends during a period for which payment has already been made, Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will adjust a future payment or require repayment of the overpayment.
  • TX3C will determine each child’s age group for rates based on the first day of the two-week billing cycle. In other words, if a child has a birthday that places them in the next age group, the change will not be applied until the beginning of the next pay period.
  • TX3C will base the prospective payment on the provider’s location which will be based on the Board area where the facility is located, rather than the child’s residence. The change will ensure that payments reflect the market rates and costs where the provider operates. The change will affect only about 4% of the children currently served in Texas and only 1.5 % of providers will have a reduction in their reimbursement rate for children who live outside their Board area.

Child Attendance

A child’s regular attendance is imperative; consequently, Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will continue to monitor attendance to ensure that funds go to the families that are most in need of services.

Payments to child care providers are not affected by a child’s occasional absences—payment is based on the child care authorized. However, a child’s eligibility may be affected if they are not consistently attending care.

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will use the new time and attendance features in TX3C to monitor attendance. Providers must ensure that parents record attendance directly in TX3C or through a child care management system that uploads CCS attendance data to TX3C. More information about the attendance tracking system is available at

Expanded Age Groups

A new state law requires TWC to match age groups for provider payments with Child Care Regulation age groups. TX3C will support this change beginning on July 1, 2024. Providers will be able to designate rates for more age groups, as demonstrated in the following table.
Rate Groups  
before July 1, 2024 
New Rate Groups  
Effective July 1, 2024 
Infant:              0–17 months  Infant-0:             0–11 months 
Infant-1:             12–17 months 
Toddler:             18 months–2 years  Toddler-1:         18–23 months 
Toddler-2:         2 years 
Preschool:        3–5 years  Preschool-3:     3 years 
Preschool-4:     4 years 
Preschool-5:     5 years 
School Age:      6–13 years  School Age:      6–13 years  
(no changes for this age group) 

Workforce Solutions for North Central Texas will request updated rates from providers beginning July 1, 2024, through October 31, 2024.

For assistance or questions, contact Child Care Services at 1-800-234-9306.

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